Tasco Rifle Scopes

Tasco rifle scopes are the perfect scope if you are a hunter or shooter who likes to mount your scope in a lower position on the rifle. The scopes were designed so that they could be mounted in a lower position and still provide the hunter with a large objective lens to the shooter. Today if you like a wide view lens a Tasco rifle scope is the right rifle scope for you.

Extreme Performance, or EXP, is the new line produced by Tasco rifle scopes. This line of rifle scopes has an oval objective lens. This is much tascodifferent from the past Tasco rifle scopes that had a wide view lens that were sold. The older lens of Tasco rifle scopes provided a wider viewing range; however, they did not offer a lot of light. The Tasco rifle scopes offer other characteristics as well. The EXP scopes provide a wide range of power magnification and two options are offered. The lower magnification model has a range of magnification from 1.5 to 5 while the higher magnification ranges in magnification from 3 to 9. The Tasco rifle scope provides enough power for whatever type of hunting you are doing. Because of the size of the scope, 42mm, the Tasco rifle scope can be mounted low on the rifle, while gaining extraordinary light gathering capability. The EXP Tasco rifle scopes provide as much light as possible without losing any from reflection. No matter if you are hunting in low light conditions because the scopes allow you to turn up the dial to see clear as day. The scopes also have been coated with a finish allowing it to feel smooth and of quality. A final feature of the scopes is on the eyepiece there is no lock ring allowing the eyepiece to be maneuverable.

The Tasco scopes are a great rifle scope for any hunter because of their many features. Along with all these wonderful features Tasco rifle scopes comes with a No Fault Lifetime Warranty, meaning that if anything goes wrong the company with replace or fix it, regardless of why the scope failed. All of this combined makes this a rifle scope that is convenient and affordable for any hunter and shooter.