Tactical Rifle Scopes

Tactical rifle scopes are designed for use during combat or similar tactical situations. The title “tactical rifle scope,” oddly parallels phraseology attached to combat oriented weapons. In 1994, under President Clinton, Congress passed what was promoted as an “assault weapons” bill. The term “assault weapon” doesn’t refer to the function or performance of a firearm. Actually, it only refers to the cosmetics of a firearm.

Baraska tactical scopeTactical rifle scopes function a lot like non-tactical scopes. So, selection of a tactical rifle scope should be based on the same considerations as a standard scope. The criteria should include the type of firearm used, the type of shooting, and personal preferences for features like color and reticle type.

Obviously, tactical scopes simply fit better cosmetically with tactical type rifles. These rifles include models like the AR-15 by Colt Firearms and Mini-14 by Ruger, Sturm, and Co.

Tactical scopes are available in both fixed and variable magnifications. Tactical or scopes for military use are generally fixed power and are sturdier. They also have fewer lenses and cost less than many other scopes. The popular magnification range is 2.5-10x. Another item to consider when deciding upon magnification in a scope is ambient lighting conditions since both magnification and objective lens size work together. Size of the objective lens is an important consideration because a larger lens is not only heavier and more cumbersome, it is also more likely to reflect light and disclose position; an important situation for a tactical shooter.

Tactical scopes come in various tube diameters with the larger ones being sturdier and allowing more adjustment. The most common size for tactical scopes are 30mm diameter. They are fitted with adjustment turrets to allow for control of the ballistics dialed into the scope. Tactical clicks are important to hear when dialing the adjustments because it is hard to monitor clicks otherwise.