Simmons Rifle Scopes

Simmons rifle scopes are a good option if you are a hunter looking to upgrade your accessories. However, Simmons rifle scopes have actually traded ownership several years ago. The company was bought out by Meade Instruments of California. Meade is well known for producing some of the most advanced telescopes in recreational fields, such as hunting. When the buyout occurred Simmons rifle scopes was anticipated to begin improvement and have some of the Mead’s high class features. This can be seen in the Master Series from Simmons rifle scopes.

Simmons rifle scopes have some new technology due to the buyout. Some of these scopes include the Pro Hunter, Pro Sport, Pro Diamond, and simmonsAETEC scopes. There are a few new features that are included in the new line up of Simmons rifle scopes. One of these features is a side parallax adjustment and is available on many different power models with high-magnification. There are also features that have not changed due to the buyout, including the high-quality glass configurations and multi coatings that hunters and shooters have enjoyed for years. The previous features are improved since the buyout.

The buyout of Simmons rifle scopes also helped not just improve the scopes but resolve some minor problems. Meade has worked to eliminate the fringe that appears around the edge of the image when looking in the scope. Meade was able to correct this problem using different types of glass and better quality optical settings. Meade’s innovative technology of Premium ED glass, combined with Simmons rifle scopes blue prints, offers hunters and shooter premium rifle scopes. With this new technology the Simmons rifle scopes lenses are able to actually correct according to color. Also the resolution and contrast are both enhanced along with light transmission. With this new technology Simmons rifle scopes are able to offer hunters images that are stronger and brighter because of the cutting edge technology.