Redfield Rifle Scopes

Redfield is one of the oldest rifle scope companies; they have been in production for about 100 years. This is a considerable time for any type of company. The original company was in Colorado. Later a company named Blount purchased Redfield. Redfield was at one time a leader in the field but in the 1990s was unable to remain competitive.

A company named Meade came to the rescue. Meade was known for redfieldexcellence in producing astronomical quality telescopes. Meade moved the company to Georgia, USA, where they are now in production. Their lines include the Golden Five Star, the Tracker, the Widefield and the Illuminator.

Some of these Redfield scope lines are not new, despite the new company status. The Widefield line, for example, were introduced years ago before a wide-field-of-view was a popular feature offered by most scope companies. The Widefield can be mounted low to the barrel of a rifle, closer to the travel of the bullet, which assists in accuracy.

The Widefield design does have an odd look and is different from the normal design of many scopes, but there is no denying the fact that this design uniquely performs. Image delivery is excellent from close to long range. The Redfield company showed in testing, that the Widefield images are some 30% larger than similar scopes. Along with all of those features, Redfield places these high quality pieces in a rugged aluminum alloy tube that can withstand some fairly rough terrain and hard knocks.

As a side note: While now under the direction of Meade, Redfield will not honor any warranties on older models, but the new company does offer a lifetime warranty on new scopes purchased after the Meade takeover.