Pentax Rifle Scopes

Established in the early 20th century, in 1919, the Japanese manufacturer PENTAX Corporation earned a deserved leader position in hunting and shooting optics and other areas as well. Their other optical products include digital cameras, camera, interchangeable lenses, accessories and lens covers, telescopes. Pentax is a member of the HOYA Corporation that also produces many optical products.

One of the most popular rifle scopes produced by Pentax is the Lightseeker 30. This rifle scope incorporates legendary Lightseeker optics, a feature by Pentax. This is housed in a 30mm tube, larger than the standard 1” tube. This tube offers more durable construction and added windage and pentaxelevation adjustment. This rifle scope was developed for shooters who need optimum optical and mechanical performance. This could be fit for bean field shooters in the deep south, groundhog hunters in the Peidmont, or prairie dog hunters of the west.

The more advanced Lightseeker XL has much larger erector lenses than the conventional scope designs and provides a much brighter image than many others of the competition. Reportedly, these rifle scopes integrate European style; such as quick focus eyepieces that are some of the toughest available with exceptionally thick tube wall and extremely durable reticles.

My experience with Pentax rifle scopes began with the Pentax Pioneer. This scope had a 4-14 power adjustment and very clear quality optics. I later upgraded to the Lightseeker 30 when I was ready for a premium riflescope. This rifle scope really performs! I only had to fire my rifle 8 times to sight it in at 200 yards. I use the rifle scope for hog hunting at night. My first time out, I was able to see, with no moon, clearly enough I could have taken a shot at 50 yards.