Night Vision Rifle Scopes

Most people who think of hunting think of waking up in dawn of the early morning or sitting until dusk waiting on what they are hunting. However, there are animals that move best in low light conditions or at night, such as hogs. For these kinds of hunts, the best rifle scopes to use are night vision rifle scopes. Although these scopes can be kind of expensive, if you thoroughly enjoy hog hunting or other night time legal animal hunting, you will truly see the results.

A night vision rifle scope allows a hunter to see when it is completely dark. niteThis is because a night vision rifle scope gathers all possible light from the surrounding area. The can include starlight, moonlight, and even infra-red light. This light is then taken into the night vision rifle scope and is converted to a visible green light, which can be seen through the eyepiece of the scope.

Now for the different hunter there are four different types of night vision rifle scopes. These are called the first, second, third, and fourth generation night vision rifle scopes, each with a different tube that intensifies the light. The first generation night vision rifle scopes is the most popular and do not cost a lot. It provides a bright and clear image by amplifying the surrounding light by several thousand times. This is one of the best night vision rifle scopes for hunters. Another generation of night vision rifle scopes is the second generation. This generation is best used for law enforcement, but if you have the money to spend they are better than first generation. They provide an even brighter and clearer image. There is also a third generation of night vision rifle scopes. This is a step up from the second generation by providing a better image. It is also more durable and longer lasting because of an ion barrier film in the night vision rifle scope.

The last night vision rifle scope is the fourth generation. This is the top of the line night vision rifle scope because they allow a hunter to see in extreme darkness. Whether hunting large game like hogs or small game like coons a night vision rifle scope is the way to go.