Leupold Rifle Scopes

Leupold riflescopes are one of the most popular brands that offer affordable, high-quality products. For the average sportsman, Leupold is the top-end product.

Recently, Leupold has marketed a new line of scopes that are very popular. These are the Leupold VX-III rifle scopes line. The VX-III replaced the old Vari-XIII line of Leupold rifle scopes.

Some significant changes had been made to improve what was already a great product. Just a few of these changes included finger adjustable turrets that are easier to use, an ocular lens with a focus that is much faster than leupoldthe old model and an improved light transmission. That’s not all. Other optional features are included such as a new Ballistic Aiming System reticle and a side-focus parallax adjustment. For many outdoorsmen, the Ballistic Aiming System is worth the replacement by itself. This feature allows for the windage to be corrected when shooting in a crosswind.

The VX-III line of Leupold rifle scopes is specifically outfitted and designed for hunters of specific prey. Varmint hunters, as an example, will enjoy the fact that Leupold has designed a reticle specifically for this type of hunting. Named the Varmint Hunter’s reticle, it is excellent for hunting smaller animals. The Boone and Crockett reticle is designed for larger game.

The new line of Leupold rifle scopes features easy adjustments. Some users say this the best feature of the new line. For example, adjusting the windage and elevation does not require a special tool or a coin to make the adjustments.

In summary, whether the hunter is pursuing small or large game, the new Leupold rifle scopes line has a model that is sure to fit his or her needs.