How To Safely Clean Your Rifle

In order to keep using your rifle from year to year you have to make sure that it stays clean and well maintained. Cleaning the rifle will take some time out of your day. We have provided instructions on the best way to take it apart and clean it thoroughly. Please remember to follow the necessary rifle safety when cleaning it and to make sure that it is not loaded or near children.

Cleaning Your Rifle

  • Support your rifle properly and safely.
  • Remove the bolt when cleaning bolt action rifles.
  • Insert the bore guide
  • Use a cleaning patch and wet it with rifle cleaning solvent. Push the patch through the chamber, barrel, and out through the muzzle. Slowly pull the patch back out and withdraw the cleaning rod. Do this twice.
  • Push another separate patch through the chamber again making sure that you have thoroughly wet it beforehand.
  • Wet the bronze bristle brass core crush with rifle solvent and push it through the chamber and out of the muzzle before pulling it back out. Make sure that you do this step six to seven times.
  • After this you need to push yet another patch through the chamber. Do this two more times.
  • Let the item soak for around twenty minutes. During this time you can rinse out the core brush using a gun scrubber otherwise the solvent will ruin it.
  • After the time is up you need to push yet another patch through the chamber. When you pull it out look for any blue or green coloration on it. If it does then repeat the cleaning process.
  • When there is no coloration like this push through a dry cleaning patch and remove it. Do this twice.
  • Remove the bore guide and then dry the chamber.
  • Wipe the end of the barrel where the muzzle is to remove any excess solvent.