How To Adjust Rifle Scopes

The scope is one of the most important parts on a rifle. This is what allows the shooter to see its target and to aim accurately from a far distance. This is most useful for hunters who have to wait up in trees to catch deer. If they were not to use a scope they would have to get closer to the animal and would risk spooking them.

When mounting the scope you must be able to properly boresight the gun. This is when the barrel – the bore of the rifle – and the scope are focused on a nearby object. Alternating the viewpoints between the two line of sight will help you to adjust the scope until both viewpoints are exact. Make sure that the gun is not moving at all when you do this or the alignment will be incorrect.

Fire off a few rounds to see how closely the process was able to align the scope. Attempt to shoot in a tightly focused pattern. This will tell you immediately how successful you were.

For more adjustments simply align the wheels on the scope. The knob on most scopes is what is used to control the horizontal alignment of the scope. The other will adjust the vertical plane. Each click of the knob will create an adjustment of ¼ to ½ of an inch. Try to play with the knob while you are at home to see how quickly you can adjust the scope.

The more you understand how the knob works the easier it will be for you to make split second adjustments when you are target shooting or hunting. There are modern scopes that use an automatic or speed focus feature. These are quicker and easier to use – but you need to familiarize yourself with them so you can time your shots to be accurate.

The crosshairs inside of the rifle scope is what you will use to aim at your target. Practice shooting and learn just what angle the weapon needs to be in when trying to aim it within the crosshairs. Modern scopes will estimate the bullet drop and wind direction. Some will also come with laser guides that help to make hitting the target even easier.