22 Rifle Scopes

Who would think to put a scope on a 22 caliber rifle. The best bet to put a 22 rifle scope on a 22 rifle is for a beginner hunter and shooter. A 22 caliber rifle is a perfect beginner rifle because it is durable, light weight, dependable and accurate if the right scope is mounted on the base. A low power scope of about 3 or 4 is just about right for such a small rifle for hunting or shooting small targets. A high powered 22 rifle scope is just too much for such a small rifle.

A 22 caliber rifle is used for hunting small game so therefore is perfect for a beginner hunter or shooter. There is no need for a long 22 rifle scope because there is not much recoil because a 22 is not a hard kicking high power rifle. There is only a small recoil, but not near enough to draw back the 22 rifle scope into the shooter’s eye, so about a inch and a half eye relief is sufficient. These features make a 22 rifle scope much cheaper than a traditional, larger rifle.

22 rifles are used for small targets and game at comparatively short ranges instead of large targets at long range. Therefore a 22 rifle scope should also have accurate internal adjustments and quality optics. Now if you really wanted to you could decide to use a scope made for a high power rifle but there are manufactures that offer specific scopes for 22 rifles. A few manufacturers of 22 rifle scopes are Burris, Bushnell, Leupold, Simmons, Tasco, and Weaver. These are the most popular brands. A 22 caliber rifle with a 22 rifle scope is a perfect match for a beginner hunter or shooter of small game at short distances.